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September 2002

Vast plains dominate the landscape of Camagüey Province, with the exception of two important massifs: the Sierra de Cubitas and the Sierra de Najasa. In satellite images of the region, the distinctive color of the Sierra de Cubitas jumps out because its forest cover is the most extensive in all of the Province. We were attracted to this region because it is the best preserved in the Province and serves as a refuge to a great diversity of species of plants and animals, many of which are Cuban endemics with small ranges.


Despite the biological treasures held within the Sierra, various threats menace this natural redoubt. Camagüey Province has experienced extensive agriculture and cattle ranching, which have reduced its natural resources. At present, some native species are experiencing population declines or have been completely extirpated from the Province.


The overall region, and particular areas within it, have been proposed for various management categories for their protection. We hope that our efforts increase the documentation of the biological value of the Sierra and the adjacent serpentine plain, and stimulate efforts to protect and wisely manage the biological resources of this magnificent landscape.

Cuban false chameleon Chamaeleolis chamaeleonides_blurred

Photo by William S. Alverson

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